Sun-kissed essentials

Summer Solstice is just around the corner and while summer does not make it as my favorite season, I love to bask in the magical sun from time to time. Here are some essentials if you want that “sun kissed” glow.



The sun fills your body with Vitamin D making you nice and chipper. But that nice sunburn you got the other day could leave you in some danger. That’s why I can’t live without a good sunscreen. I use this Yes to Cucumbers SPF 30 sunscreen whenever I’m out and about. It is made with all natural ingredients, which makes me feel good about lathering it all over my skin. It even has a nice, fresh cucumber smell that everyone will love.


For my face, I opt for the Aveeno Protect + Hydrate sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 50. I have a really sensitive face, so I need to wear at least SPF 50. I also like this sunscreen because it is made specifically for your face, so it is oil free and sweat resistant.

Lip protection


I have always had a hard time finding a lip balm that I really loved. Recently, I bought Neutrogena’s revitalizing lip balm and it quickly became part of my top 5 lip balms. It has an SPF of 20 and its selling point is that they come so many different shades! I don’t always wear lipstick but I like to add a little bit of color to my lips, especially on bright, sunny days. I’m currently loving the Healthy Blush tint.



If you’re a fan of the modern vintage style, you know how essential a great hat is. I recently ordered this hat from JCrew Factory and I’m already loving it! Whether you wear it to liven up your outfit or to block the sun while lounging on the beach with a good book, every woman should have at least one stylish hat in their wardrobe.



Sunglasses are SO important. 80% for style reasons and 20% for eye protection J Sunglasses can add so much flare to any outfit and luckily you can find some great bargains where you can interchange multiple pairs to match your outfits. I love all of the cool colors that Target currently has, and you can grab a pair for under $20. But these Toms sunglasses are currently on my wish list. Their a little pricy but their mission is undeniable and it is well worth the money.



I never go anywhere without a water bottle and I strongly believe in investing in a good reusable bottle not only to save you money, but to save the environment by reducing our use of plastic. I have been using Water Bobbles for years and they have never failed me. They last quite a while and you replace the filter far less often than you first think. Water Bobbles come in many different bright colors and they are incredibly portable and the perfect size for your purse.

Do you have any summer essentials? Share them with us in the comments or email us at


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