Our Story

Lindsay and Parrin’s friendship is the product of fate and coincidence. It all started with a Snapchat from a mutual friend and since then their friendship has blossomed! After sharing an English class together in college, they awkwardly introduced themselves and found out they shared an undeniable passion for empowering women, writing, fun, and adventure. Despite now living in different states, their friendship is still going strong! They are so excited to work together by creating femmeblend, a space for women to gather and share their stories grounded in friendship, sisterhood, empowerment, and fortitude.


“If you’re constantly thinking you need a vacation, maybe what you really need is a new life.” Lindsay lives life as an adventure and jumps at every new opportunity that comes her way. With a background in Women’s Studies and English from the largest college for women in the country, Lindsay strives to create a world that empowers women and supports everyone to achieve their dreams. In addition to creating positive change in the world, Lindsay is trying to navigate her way through her tumultuous twenties. She likes spending her free time biking, reading novels, going on brewery tours, traveling the world, and going on coffee dates with her amazing friends.


With her life motto as “Never stop improving”, Parrin is a busy blur of an active writer supplied with heavy amounts of coffee. Parrin graduated with a B.A in English, as well with  minors in Professional Writing and Sociology.  Buying her coffee, flowers, and books is a good way to win her over. When she isn’t busy with her careers, she’s busy training for triathlons around the Twin Cities. Her ultimate goal is to complete an Ironman 70.3 by 2018.  Parrin’s passions includes empowering women of all ages, teaching swim lessons, hugging her friends as much as possible, and sitting on her back porch with a glass of wine.


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